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Audrey Lawrence 2020

    Audrey Lawrence, a caring and helpful friend to family and associates, was downsized out of her job in her fifties.  Following this, she faced months of medical and physical therapy, exacerbated by an automobile accident.  The perfect storm was complete as Audrey’s savings became depleted.  Instead of staying down, Audrey decided to make herself highly employable by switching careers to pursue a degree in Data Science and Analytics.  She passed all the required assessments and was accepted into a prestigious college’s Analytics program.  Sadly, she didn’t have the money to go.  With the help of the Bettie Brand Fund, Audrey will be able to follow her dream; she begins her new program—and life-- at Georgia Tech very soon.  Congratulations, Audrey!

LAWRENCE, AUDREY - Head Shot 2020.png
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