Thank you to our
donors for making our 2022 spring fundraiser a success!

The Secret Life of Vegetables: Flavorful Flair
2022 Mother's Day Virtual Fundraiser

Thank you to Chef Lamont Rooker for an inspirational, virtual cooking presentation showing us how to prepare mouthwatering dishes that are loaded with healthy vegetables and nutrients!  
Our donors' participation supports The Bettie Brand Mothers' Empowerment Fund and its mission to “provide women in need with a hand up, not a handout, so they may live with dignity and independence.”  In a full-circle approach, the women who are awarded stipends from the Bettie Brand Fund agree to “pay it forward” in whatever way they can. Our donors' generosity this year has helped us meet our fundraising goal, and The Bettie Brand Fund can continue to make an impact on the lives of many women in our community.


We would like to thank the following 2022 donors for helping us acheive our mission: 
The Pride of a Mother
Pam & Duck Kaspers
The Heart of a Mother
Barbara Kaines
Mary Peck
The Grace of a Mother
Mary Jane Berrien
Donna Foland
Susan Kinsella
Judith Reece
Carol Rice
The Strength of a Mother
Russell Clarke
Laura Cook
Mary Pryles
Carol Quinby
Michael Keith Reynolds
Nancy Tao
The Spirit of a Mother

Kristin Ballantine

Jeff Bireley

Sherry Britt

Pat Bullock

Jeffrey Chernoff

Kathryn Cretney

Patricia Critchfield

Teresa Dudis

Jay Empel

Susan Ernst

Justin Fascilla

Peggy Fillio

Dr Mary Lou Frank

Cathy Harrell

Stuart Hasson

Pearl Hollis

Katherine Hovick

Jackie Garson Howard

Marilyn Johnson

Robin Jones

Al Kane

Patricia Kane

Marie Kane

Frances Kane

Brenda Kaser-Burger

Tyler Kaspers

Carole Kaspers

Pamela Kaspers

Kathleen Kleeman

Brigitte Knauf

Brian Long

Tino Mantella

Karen McDonald

George Mckerrow

Meredith Moore

Lynda Moser

Cathy Harrell

Prag Patel

Jennifer Patton

Joshua Peace

Dana Pitts

Jenny Reiner

Juan Reyes

Ann Riccardi

Kevin Ross

Patricia Ross

Helene Schuck

Deborah Schwartz Griffin

Nancy Tao

Henrie Treadwell

Carolyn Turknett

Patrica Viohl

Peter Weinbaum

Katie Wester-Neal

William Wideman

Michelle Wilson