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Wills and Bequests

Provide now for a future gift to Bettie Brand Mothers' Empowerment Fund, Inc.

by including a provision in your will or other estate plans.


Benefits of Making a Bequest

A bequest is generally a revocable gift, which means it can be changed or modified

at any time. You can choose to designate that a bequest be used for a general

or specific purpose so you have the peace of mind knowing that your gift

will be used as intended. Bequests are exempt from federal estate taxes.

If you have a taxable estate, the estate tax charitable deduction may offset

or eliminate estate taxes, resulting in a larger inheritance for your heirs.


A bequest may be right for you if:

  • You would like to make a gift to the Bettie Brand Mothers' Empowerment Fund, Inc.

  • You want the flexibility to change your mind.

  • You want continued access to your wealth, should you need it.

  • You are concerned about outliving your resources.

If you have already left Bettie Brand Mothers' Empowerment Fund, Inc. in your will, or if you plan to do so, please let us know so we can show our appreciation and better plan for the future.

You include a bequest for Bettie Brand Mothers' Empowerment Fund, Inc. in your Will.  Then after your life, Bettie Brand Mothers' Empowerment Fund, Inc. receives your gift when your estate is settled.

  • A bequest costs nothing now, yet gives you the satisfaction of knowing you have provided for a charity’s future.

  • You retain control and use of your assets during your lifetime.

  • You may modify your bequest if your circumstances change.

  • Gifts from your estate may be exempt from federal estate taxes.


A bequest can be made in several ways:

  1. You can gift a specific dollar amount or asset

  2. You can gift a percentage of your estate

  3. You can gift from the balance or residue of your estate

  4. You can make a beneficiary designation of certain assets



Does your will need updating? 

Creating a will and estate plan is a good first step in protecting the people closest to you and the assets you've worked so hard to accumulate. But even the best will can become obsolete over time.

Consider the many life events that can impact a will and other arrangements:

  • Moving to another state

  • Changes in the value of your assets

  • A change in marital status

  • Birth of a grandchild

  • A change in the real estate you own

  • New tax laws

  • Changes in your charitable goals


In order to make a bequest, you should speak with your attorney. Your attorney can help you include a bequest to Bettie Brand Mothers' Empowerment Fund, Inc. in your estate plan. We have provided some basic bequest language to assist you and your attorney.

This language is for the illustration of various forms of bequests only. Always consult your professional advisor when making or revising your will.

Residuary bequest:

"Residue" is a term to describe the portion of your estate that remains after all debts, expenses and specific bequests to others have first been fulfilled.

All the rest, residue and remainder of my estate for federal tax purposes I give to Bettie Brand Mothers' Empowerment Fund, Inc., located in Atlanta, Georgia, Tax ID 47-4464015, for its general purposes. 

Specific bequest:

I give to Bettie Brand Mothers' Empowerment Fund, Inc., located in Atlanta, Georgia, Tax ID 47-4464015, the sum of $_____________, for its general purposes.


Already have a will? You can amend it with a codicil. 

If you need to update your will, there is no substitute for using a qualified attorney with estate planning experience in your state. A knowledgeable attorney can make sure that your revisions are properly recorded, which can reduce expenses and help heirs receive their inheritances sooner.


Please have your will or codicil drafted by an attorney who is familiar with the estate laws of the state where you live. We are not engaged in legal or tax advisory service.


The purpose of the information on this website is to provide general gift, estate, and financial planning information. Please watch for tax revisions. State laws govern wills, trusts, and charitable gifts made in a contractual agreement. Advice from legal counsel should be sought when considering these types of gifts.




I, [name], a resident of the County of [county], State of [state], declare that this is the codicil to my last will and testament, which is dated [date original signed].

I add or change said last will in the following manner:

[List all specific changes or additions to the original will. Reference each section number of the will and the specific language you will be affecting. This is where you could include a bequest to support our mission. See our suggested bequest language that can assist you.]

Otherwise, I hereby confirm and republish my will dated [date original signed], in all respects other than those herein mentioned.

I subscribe my name to this codicil this [day, e.g. 1st] day of [month], [year], at [full address where signed], in the presence of [full name of first witness to codicil] and [full name of second witness to codicil], attesting witnesses, who subscribe their names here in my presence.








On the date last above written, [name], known by us to be the person whose signature appears at the end of this codicil, declared to us, [full name of first witness to codicil] and [full name of second witness to codicil], the undersigned, that the foregoing instrument, consisting of [number of pages to codicil] page(s) was the codicil to the will dated [date original signed]; who then signed the codicil in our presence, and now in the presence of each other, we now sign our names as witnesses.


















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