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April Ross 2022

Imagine the horror of being 31, shot by your husband and rendered permanently paralyzed from the chest down from a bullet that strikes your spinal cord.  Then imagine supporting other domestic violence survivors while putting the pieces of your own shattered life back together for a “new normal.”   That’s part of April Ross’s amazing story.  While she was a Spirit Award recipient in 2015 and received extra physical therapy with that stipend, we’re proud to announce that she was also a Spirit Award recipient in 2022.  With her new Bettie Brand Mothers’ Empowerment Fund stipend, April got her longed-for new bathroom with a roll-in shower and accessible sink area.   For most, a workable bathroom is something we take for granted.  For April, it’s a wish come true.

In 2019, Governor Brian Kemp appointed April as Executive Director of the Georgia Commission on Family Violence!


In 2023, we are proud to announce, she became a Bettie Brand Board member, actively working on our Spirit Award Committee to help select future recipients!

In 2024, the YWCA of Atlanta inducted April into their Academy of Women Achievers because her work and philosophy exemplify their mission!

April is the epitome of a heroine fighting with everything she has to live with independence and dignity while continuing to reach out to others and help them do the same!

*Nominated by Donna Foland, a former Bettie Brand board member.

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