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Bettie Brand Spirit Award Recipients: Empowerment in Action

Empowering Dignity and Independence
Since 2013, the Bettie Brand Mothers' Empowerment Fund has been dedicated to offering women a hand up—not just a hand out—to live with dignity and independence. The Spirit Award celebrates women overcoming significant challenges, showcasing resilience and the transformative power of support.


Champions of Change
We've celebrated 28 women, each with a story of resilience leading to significant achievements across various fields. Accepting the Spirit Award, these awardees have pledged to "pay it forward," fostering a cycle of empowerment that extends beyond their individual stories.

Discover and Share Their Stories
Dive into the empowering narratives of our newest 2024 awardees: April Rose Paulk, Dieynabou Diallo, Jasmine Wynn, 

Tesiree Adams-Hargett, and others. Amplify their impact by sharing their journeys on social media or via email using the share button on each photo.

Impact at a Glance

  • 28 Awardees: Diverse women united by strength and resilience.

  • Since 2013: Over a decade of nurturing empowerment.

  • Beyond the Awardees: A ripple effect of inspiration and change.


Join and Support
Engage with the stories of our Spirit Award recipients and join in celebrating their journeys of transformation. These women are not just changing their lives; they're influencing the world around them. Let’s uplift and empower together, ensuring every woman has the chance to thrive.


Explore the Stories below and read our March 2024 Newsletter.

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