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Donors who would like to give
in honor or memory of loved ones
have a special place on
The Bettie Brand Tributes List. 
2024 Donors

Laurie Spengler

We make this donation in the name of our mother, Shirley Spengler, who exemplifies strength and resilience. She continues to lead by example. We are so very grateful for Shirley (our Mimi) as a mother and grandmother. With love from Laurie & Charles Parchment, Dana Pitts, Elizabeth & Josua Kaeber, Caroline and David Pitts.

Natasha Zeleza

In honor of my mom, Pauline Linda Kyle!

Celesta Harris Scott

Chaston Talley, Forever In Our Hearts

Graylyn Arnold and Jan Riddle-Ritchie

In Honor of our dynamic mothers, who could do almost anything to support us.

Mary LaFlame

In memory and honor of my precious husband Chris LaFlame.

Marianna Hawkins

I admire and want to honor Candy Casper and her Mother and the incredible work they have done for so many years. Sincerely, Marianna Hawkins


Pam and Richard Kaspers

In loving memory of our mothers, Diana Drury and June Kaspers.

Margaret Adams

Thank you, Deborah Schwartz Griffin, for all of the ways to lift our community.

Jackie Howard

Candy, love you darling... so proud of you.


Susan Woodruff

In Honor of Dana Pitts.

Peter Weinbaum

In Honor of Deborah Schwarz Griffin.

Bill and Candy Kaspers

In Honor of June M. Kaspers.


Jackie Howard

Candy, love you darling... so proud of you. 


Deborah Schwartz Griffin

Remembering my Mother, Dorothy Schwartz, who passed away, September 26th, 2015 from Kyphosis, 93 Years Old. She was my "Everything" including a magnificent role model. Mom battled this for 18 years.

Remembering my Father, Hyman Schwartz, who passed away from complications from Alzheimer’s Disease, November 1993. He was a Chief Master Sergeant in WWII and was a bombardier.

Remembering my sister, Cyndee Goldstein, who passed away, June 6th, 2022, from 4th stage colon cancer. My sister battled this for 8 years. A tremendous role model to me and many like my Mother and my "Everything."

Remembering our nephew, Jason Martinez, who passed away December 31, 2023, from 4th stage esophageal cancer. He left a beautiful wife, our niece, and their three sons, Adrian, Christopher and Benjamin. Jason was a role model in the surgical/medical community of Atlanta as a surgical assistant and for his sons working closely for years with their football coaches.

Deborah Schwartz Griffin

Candy for your Birthday 2024 Happiest! Friendship with Deborah and Jim, Candy and Bill for almost 30 years.

Donna Foland

Candy Kaspers Happy Birthday and

Merry Christmas to Bill and Candy.

2023 Donors

Dana Pitts

Shirley Spengler is my mom who continues to live every day with dignity and courage.

Deborah Schwartz Griffin

This is to Honor my Mother Dorothy Schwartz who passed away September 26th, 2015 from kyphosis. She was my love, best friend, everything like my husband, Jim. It's to Honor my Mother-In-Law Doris Griffin, Mom2 who means the world to me.

Janice Whitener

This donation is in honor of Russell Clarke and his commitment to and work for the mission of your programs and for educating me and many others of this excellent organization's caring and dedication to women.

Candy Kaspers

In memory of Bettie Brand's loyal friend, Fred Murray

Patricia Critchfield

Recognizing all the women who have made a difference in my life with special recognition of Candy Kaspers.

Deborah Schwartz Griffin

This Annual Pledge to Bettie Brand Mothers Empowerment Fund is in memory and honor of my mother, Dorothy Schwartz

who passed away, September 26, 2015 at 93 years old

from Kyphosis and Achalasia.
Also, to my sister, a mother of two, Courtney and Shelby who died June 7, 2022 from 4th stage colon cancer.

Celeste Simmons

Donated in honor of Dorothy Schwartz

Shelby Siegel

Donated in memory of Cyndi Goldstein,

beloved and greatly missed.


Jackie Howard 

Donated in honor of Candy Kaspers, love you darling,

proud of you!

Yvonne Bryant Johnson

Donated in memory of Mrs. Helen Worthy Bryant

Donna Foland

Donated in honor of Candy Kasper's birthday

Tyler Kaspers

Donated in honor of Candy Kaspers 

2022 Donors

Donna Foland

Donated in honor of Bill & Candy Kaspers

Tyler Kaspers

Donated in honor of Candy Kaspers

Brian Long

Donated in memory of Marilyn Long

Jeffrey Chernoff

Donated in memory of Dorothy Schwartz

Edna D. Griffin 

Donated in memory of Cyndee Goldstein, loving sister of Deborah Schwartz Griffin

Susan Kinsella

Donated in memory of David O'Brien

Cathy Harrell

Donated in honor of Mrs. Jimmie Jackson

Pearl Hollis

Donated in honor of Deborah Schwartz Griffin

Carol Rice

Donated in honor of Candy & Bill Kaspers' 50th wedding anniversary

Jay Empel

Donated in honor of Deborah Schwartz Griffin

Nancy Osborne

Donated in honor of Bettie's amazing daughter

Nancy Tao

Donated in memory of Linda Tao

Candy Kaspers

Donated in honor of Mom, Bettie Brand

Bill & Candy Kaspers

Donated in celebration of Cyndee Goldstein's life

Robin Jones

Donated in memory of Dorothy Schwartz

Justine Boyd

Donated in honor of Mary Zelman Norman

Peter Weinbaum

Donated in honor Deborah Schwartz Griffin

Susan Kinsella

Donated December 2022 in honor of David & Shannon OBrien,

Kirk & Alexis OBrien, Megan & Patrick Noltemeyer,

Steve & Carrie OBrien

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