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Amirah Swann 2021

    When life brings you lemons, you can learn to say enough is enough. Amirah is proof positive of that mantra. A single mother, Amirah had an epiphany one night while laying awake and sleepless. "I have no money, no car and my daughter is crying." She writes, "I had gone to work earlier that day as a server making little money. It was then I decided that enough was enough. "

Amirah works a full-time job while also attending Clayton State University as a full-time student majoring in political science with a concentration in Pre-Law and Business. Looking ahead, her aspirational dream includes helping other women with their housing needs. 

How is Bettie Brand empowering Amirah?

For now, Amirah's reality is choosing between paying for her daily bills or college -- and that's really no choice at all. With a generous tuition grant from the Bettie Brand Fund, Ms. Swann doesn't have to choose one over another. She now has a fair chance to get that college degree and move herself, her two children, and other women in need, forward.

While attending Clayton State University and raising her children, Amirah volunteers with Girl Scouts and is receiving CPR and first aid training to provide emergency assistance to those in need.

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