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April Ross 2016

ATLANTA — A Fulton County assistant district attorney, April Ross was sitting in her car with a friend when her estranged husband walked up and opened fire. Ross said she was shot in the jaw, right arm and in the back. The final bullet hit her spinal cord, rendering her paralyzed from the chest down.  She is using a stipend from the Bettie Brand Fund to get extra, needed mechanical “walking” therapy and independence training from Atlanta’s Shepherd’s Spinal Center that her insurance doesn’t cover so that she can continue to work at the DA’s office and one day fulfill her dream of being a judge.  

UPDATE:  April tells us that her extra therapy has given her much needed upper body strength which, among other things, allows her to drive a car.  She has moved out of her parents' house into a place of her own, continues to work in the DA's office, is writing a book and leading her life with greater independence.  Bravo, April!

*Nominated by Donna Foland, a former Bettie Brand board member.

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