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Ballalaine Rose Davies 2021

    Ballalaine is tenacious with a capital "T." It took her 10 years but she successfully graduated with a Business Management Associate's Degree from Gwinnett Tech. After overcoming a myriad of obstacles including being abandoned by her husband and the father of her children, she found strength and fortitude ... and employment. As an Executive Finance Administrator, she supported herself and her children and after eight years was able to return to college to study Cybersecurity.

"I finished strong," she proudly says.

How is Bettie Brand empowering Ballalaine?

To further advance her personal and professional growth, as well as a desire to mentor other women, Ballalaine hopes to become a Certified Life Coach. With a hand up from the Bettie Brand Fund, she is able to enroll in the certification class and continue to grow and to share her heart, spirit and mind.

Ballalaine davies pic.png
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