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Brittany O'Neal 2018

     As a child, Brittany O'Neal was diagnosed with a learning disability and struggled with anxiety disorder, depression and low self-esteem.   In spite of being told in high school that she would never go to college, she proved them wrong.  Currently, she is a student at Georgia Piedmont Technical College.  There, she puts in extra time with professors to discuss key concepts and has one of the highest grade point averages among her peers.   She writes, “I did not let my diagnoses define me but my dreams glow above my challenges."​

      Brittany aspires to become a licensed Social Worker so, in her own words, she can “work toward creating safe spaces for young women dealing with mental health illnesses. “   However, she’s run out of money to finish her coveted degree.  So, as a 2018 Spirit Award winner, Brittany will receive stipends to cover the costs of tuition, a new laptop, software, and a one year transportation pass for MARTA..


*Nominated by nonprofit partner Chris180 .

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