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The 2024 June Kaspers Spirit Award Recipient


Dieynabou Diallo stands as a beacon of resilience and dedication. As a first-generation college graduate, medical student, and new mother, Dieynabou's journey is a remarkable testament to perseverance and commitment, making her an exemplary recipient of the Bettie Brand Mother’s Empowerment Fund Spirit Award.

Early Life and Challenges: Navigating the rigorous demands of medical school as a first-generation student has been a formidable challenge for Dieynabou. Coupled with the responsibilities of motherhood and the financial burdens of education, she has faced a unique set of pressures, balancing academic obligations with family needs.

Turning Point: Becoming a mother introduced a transformative dimension to Dieynabou's life, reshaping her priorities and daily routine. The necessity to provide for her child while pursuing her medical degree highlighted the critical need for childcare support, a need that the Spirit Award can crucially assist with.

Achievements and Pursuits: Despite a demanding schedule, Dieynabou has been a source of inspiration in her community. She is not only a dedicated medical student but also a passionate mentor to women in her Guinean community, empowering them through her own experiences. Her commitment extends beyond personal achievements to active contributions in philanthropic endeavors.

Current Endeavors: Dieynabou is a co-founder of two impactful organizations: The Standard and the Guinean Medical Society. The Standard focuses on strategic project development in West Africa, while the Guinean Medical Society aims to improve healthcare in Guinea. These initiatives reflect her dedication to making meaningful differences in both her local and global communities.

Impact of the Spirit Award: The Bettie Brand award will provide Dieynabou with crucial financial support for childcare, allowing her to concentrate more effectively on her medical studies. This aid is not just financial; it's also a moral boost, acknowledging her efforts and determination in the face of significant challenges. Dieynabou will use the award to support childcare while she completes medical school.

Testimonial: Dieynabou is celebrated for her 'pay it forward' philosophy, consistently mentoring others and engaging in philanthropic activities. Her work in raising funds and providing essential medical supplies to Guinea, especially during the ongoing COVID crisis, underscores her deep commitment to healthcare and community service.

Recognition: Dieynabou Diallo's journey is a powerful narrative of overcoming personal challenges while selflessly contributing to the welfare of others. Her story is a source of inspiration, embodying the spirit of empowerment and philanthropy that the Bettie Brand award seeks to honor.

Special thanks to Morehouse School of Medicine for nominating Dieynabou. We also appreciate the mentors and organizations that supported her journey. Their belief in her potential has been vital in her path to becoming a physician.

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