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Jasmine Wynn's journey is a testament to resilience and determination. As a DACA recipient and a dreamer in the US, Jasmine embodies the spirit of perseverance and hope, overcoming substantial obstacles to pursue her aspirations in the medical field.

Early Life and Challenges: Jasmine's early life was marked by the challenges that come with being a DACA recipient. Despite the support DACA provided, Jasmine faced significant barriers, including the inability to receive federal assistance, which impeded her educational and career advancement.

Turning Point: Motivated by her passion for caring for others and her admiration for the nursing profession, Jasmine resolved to navigate a path in healthcare. This determination was fueled by her desire to be a role model for her son, demonstrating the value of hard work and dedication, even when life doesn't go as planned.

Achievements and Pursuits: Jasmine has been working in the medical field for over five years, with a steadfast goal of becoming a nurse. Her journey includes steps to first become an EMT, then a Paramedic, and eventually bridge over to being a Registered Nurse (RN). This strategic approach highlights her pragmatic and focused mindset.

Current Endeavors: Currently, Jasmine is a medical tech at a local hospital. Her immediate goal is to enroll in programs for EMT and Paramedic training, laying the groundwork for her ultimate objective of becoming an RN.

Impact of the Spirit Award: The Spirit Award is a pivotal support for Jasmine, enabling her to cover the costs of her EMT and Paramedic programs. It's not just financial aid; it's a step towards fulfilling her dream of becoming a nurse, providing for her son, and achieving a stable and rewarding career. Jasmine will use the award to cover tuition for certification courses.

Testimonial: Noor Family Services commends Jasmine for her compassion, nurturing spirit, and protective nature. Despite being a victim of intimate partner violence and facing financial hardships, Jasmine's ambition to enhance her education and serve others in need remains unwavering.

Recognition: Jasmine Wynn's story is a powerful reminder that with courage, determination, and support, obstacles can be transformed into stepping stones for success. Her journey is an inspiration, embodying the very essence of the Spirit Award.

Special thanks to Noor Family Services for recognizing Jasmine's potential and nominating her for this award. Their support underscores the community's belief in Jasmine's future as a healthcare professional and a role model.

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