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Jessica Reed 2021 -
The 2021 Joyce Shlesinger Spirit Award Recipient

Meet Jessica Reed. If you know her, you know that nothing keeps her down. If you met her only once, you would have that same takeaway and first impression.

Jessica's dedication and focus gave her the courage to leave an abusive marriage to make a better life for herself and her son.


In her own words: "I am working diligently to break every mold that says I will not find success due to lack of education, that I will earn less and that I will live a life riddled with poverty. No matter how overwhelming life's challenges become, I plan to persevere."

As a single mom, Ms. Reed earned a B.A. degree in six years while holding down a full-time job, raising her son and starting her own business as a virtual secretary.

How is Bettie Brand empowering Jesscia?

With a hand up from the Bettie Brand Mothers' Empowerment Fund,  Jessica will continue her pursuit of a Master's Degree in Business Administration. The extra support will empower her to stay the course, fulfill a promise to herself, realize the fruits of her hard work and ultimately live a life "that is productive, positive, and inspiring."

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