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Lakesha Smith 2018

Lakesha Smith is a single mother raising 3 daughters.  She was pregnant in 12th grade and, in spite of having to spend the last 5 months of her pregnancy in bed, due to doctor’s orders, she committed to and graduated on time from Crim High School.  She writes, “As time went on, while working two jobs, we had our struggles, but I made sure my kids did not go without.”  Afterwards, she made a decision to change her life.  To that end, she became a certified medical assistant but could not find a job in the medical field.  Her DFACS case worker recommended a program in which she enrolled to learn administrative skills and property management.   She is now working as a receptionist and loves the people with whom she works. 

Lakesha is committed to improving her life and her children’s lives.   As a 2018 Spirit Award recipient, Ms. Smith will receive funding for tuition to attend Argosy College where she will work toward a degree in Business Administration.  

*Nominated by nonprofit partner Fulton Atlanta Community Action Authority (FACAA) .

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