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When Lindsay was nine, her mother was diagnosed with autoimmunity, a disease for which there is no cure.  Over time, Lindsay became a caregiver, monitoring medications, administering injections, and accompanying her on trips to the emergency department. These increasingly frequent hospital visits led Lindsay to an interest in medicine as a career, hoping to improve the quality of life for patients facing similar circumstances.

In 2018, before starting at Morehouse School of Medicine, Lindsay herself was hospitalized and diagnosed with a rare and potentially fatal autoimmune disease. As Lindsay continued to care for her mother and deal with her own increasingly diverse autoimmunity issues, she gained a view of “doctoring” from both perspectives.

At the time of her application for the Spirit Award, Lindsay was hospitalized, and her medical school progress stalled.  She was a part-time medical student, not receiving any aid from the government or school, and working multiple jobs to cover educational expenses.

Lindsay will use her Spirit Award to cover a significant amount of her tuition expenses.

The sponsor of Lindsay’s Spirit Award application, wrote: “Despite the many challenges with her health, she is an extremely empathetic, caring and kind person who is committed to serving the under-served. I know she will be the type of doctor we will all want treating us and to have treating our families. Given her dedication to the community and the future doctor she will be, I see no one more qualified for this hand up.”

We at The Bettie Brand Mothers’ Empowerment Fund enthusiastically agree!

*Nominated by sponsoring organization Bryant & Associates .

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