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Precious Evans 2018

Precious Evans is a young lady who has been a victim of multiple generational-based traumas who did not have the support of her own family. As a young girl, experiencing insurmountable family discord and abandonment, she entered foster care. But she writes, “At 15… I found myself living wherever someone would take me in. This meant that I was again forced to provide for myself… and was forced into exploitation. … [But] all the while I held onto a dream of attending college, majoring in business, and one day opening a dance studio as a safe haven for girls just like me.“ Dance sustained her. She says, “I use dance as a way to deal with my pain… [but now] I am not afraid to believe in me and work toward my dreams.”

Precious Evans is a member of her high school dance team and helps educate younger girls about the risk factors and pitfalls of sexual exploitation.  She graduates this year.  As her sponsor from youthSpark writes, she “certainly [has] demonstrated her desire to lead a fulfilled life of healing, growing, and advancing the lives of others through her unique gifts of dance and forgiveness.”  As a 2018 Spirit Award winner, she will receive funding for dance school, college application fees and SAT preparation.

*Nominated by nonprofit partner youthSpark .

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